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After playing games from an age of five, my passion for games and game development has only increased. I remember reading the backside of the Knights and Merchants CD which stated that the game was developed using C++. Although, at the time, I had no idea what that was, I was determined to find out and learn how to recreate the game. This resulted in my first game being Stratego - Knights and Merchants developed using the XNA framework and C#.

Nowadays I have broadened my skill-set with a master's degree in Computer Science and gained experience with several languages like C#, C++, Java and JavaScript. Next to that, I have developed games and tools using multiple technologies and frameworks, including industry standards like Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4. The games were released for a multitude of platforms. One of my most important accomplishments is that my projects have been through the whole cycle from initial idea to release.

Although game development is currently still my side business, I am continuously improving by updating and extending my current projects, while also broadening my tech knowledge and experience. I am determined to find a solution to any problem, always excited to learn something new and never give up while giving 100%. If you have a project that would fit my skills, are interested in working together, have suggestions for one of my projects or anything else, please get in touch!